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Terms and Conditions of the International Chemical Fair

organised under the project

'Promotion of Mazovia through promoting Płock as a city that is friendly to entrepreneurs and new technologies' implemented by Płock City Hall under the Regional Operational Programme for Mazowieckie Voivodeship 2007-2013

I. General provisions

1. This Terms and Conditions sets out the terms and conditions for participation in the


International Chemical Fair organised on behalf of Płock City Hall, organised by:

KDK Sp. z o.o.

Ul. Mokotowska 14

00-561 Warsaw

NIP: 526-28-37-167

2. Entities that applied for participation in the Fair (hereinafter referred to as Exhibitors) are required to comply with the terms hereof.

3. All changes to the Terms and Conditions must be made in writing and signed by an authorised representative of KDK Sp. z o.o. (hereinafter referred to as the Organiser) and an authorised representative of the Exhibitor.

II. Conditions of participation

1. Only entities approved by the Organiser may participate in the Fair.

2. A condition of participation in the Fair is the Exhibitor completing, signing and sending the Application Form to the Organiser (via fax or a scanned copy via e-mail). Persons signing the Application Form thereby declare that they have the appropriate powers of attorney to represent the company, as stated in the corporate documents.

3. Signing and sending the Application Form to the Organiser constitutes the Exhibitor undertaking to participate in the fair, and if a booth was ordered, to fully service it.

4. Participation in the fair is free of charge. The Exhibitor is entitled to an exhibition booth in accordance with the specifications in the Exhibitor's Application Form and two nights' accommodation for two people during the fair as per the dates given in the booth order form, at the hotel booked by the Organiser. The Exhibitors shall receive a free invitation to participate in the Fair Gala on 14.11.2012.

5. The Organiser shall accept the Application Form after receipt of a completed booth reservation form.

Due to the nature of the fair, which is co-financed by funds from the European Regional Development Fund, the Exhibitors can use the booths free of charge, however it is not possible to extend the booths outside of the proposed dimensions.

6. The Exhibitors undertake to provide information necessary for publication in the Fair Catalogue in accordance with the template shown in the application form.



7. The Fair Organiser can refuse to accept the Application Form if the number of participants exceeds the number of booths shown on the hall plan. Acceptance onto the list of exhibitors shall be done on a first-come, first-served basis. If there are more applications than booths, Exhibitors from the chemical industry shall take priority.

8. Exhibitors who did not fulfil their obligations to the Exhibitor may be refused participation in the Fair.

III. Order regulations

1. The booth locations shall be designated by the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right to change the chosen booth for organisational reasons. The Organiser shall notify the Exhibitors of the final booth locations via e-mail.

2. The Exhibitor is required to report to the Organiser to register and pick up ID prior to the opening of the Fair.



The Exhibitor is required to prepare their booth prior to the Fair being opened to visitors. The Organiser shall provide the Exhibitors with access to the exhibition Hall from 6:00pm to 8:00pm on 13 November and from 8:30am on the day of commencement of the Fair (14.11.2012). The Exhibitor is required to leave the booth on 15.11.2012 by 5:20pm. If there are materials left in the booth after the designated time, they will be permanently removed by cleaning services, and claims due to any losses in the company's assets may not be pursued.

4. The Exhibitors are required to read and comply with the terms and conditions of the Regulations of the Building that the Fair is held in, and the fire prevention regulations thereof.

5. The Exhibitor may not organise any promotional actions outside of their booth area, unless agreed upon with the fair organiser. The Exhibitor is required to remain in the booth during the Fair opening hours, and to use the IDs issued by the Organiser when entering and exiting the exhibition hall.

The Fair Office is responsible for contact with the Exhibitors and Visitors


(Paulina Dziekońska 668 326 018, KDK Sp. z o.o. ul. Mokotowska 14 , 00-561 Warsaw)

IV. Insurance, security and liability

1. The Organiser and their Representatives shall not be held liable for any accidents, loss, theft or damages to the Exhibitors' and Visitors' property arising for any reason, except damages arising through the fault of the Organiser. The Exhibitor is required to forthwith notify the Organiser of any perceived threats, accidents or damages. The Exhibitor is required to comply with security recommendations issued by the Organiser and their Representatives.

2. The Exhibitor is required to submit any reports of damages to the Organiser, in writing, during the Fair.

3. Exhibitors are prohibited from making permanent changes to any property provided by the Organiser or owner of the exhibition grounds.

4. The Exhibitor shall be liable for any damages to property caused by incorrect use of the booth. The Organiser and their representatives shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions regarding contact or banking details, or information contained in materials prepared and sent to them by the Exhibitor. This also applies to the entry into the Fair Pamphlet.

5. The Organiser and their Representatives shall not be held liable for loss, damage or delays caused by force majeure, social unrest, actions of state or local authorities, strikes or other circumstances which may prevent or cause the Organiser to cease organising the Fair at the designated time and place, which are independent of the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right to change the time/place of the Fair if circumstances arise that are independent of the



Organiser and for which they are not responsible. The Organiser shall notify the Exhibitor of such changes and reasons therefor.


6. The Organiser shall not be held liable for and shall be protected against Exhibitors' claims in the event of any conflicts or disagreements with local authorities, on the grounds of the Fair, or with other entities as regards any aspects of the Fair that may have a negative impact on the Exhibitors. The Exhibitor hereby waives any claim for compensation for losses incurred as a result of the circumstances mentioned above. Any amounts paid to the Organiser as fees, or other amounts paid in connection with the Fair, shall remain the property of the Organiser.

7. The Exhibitor expressly acknowledges that no declarations - express or implied - were made with respect to the contractual capacity (business size) that can be obtained at the Fair, business success, or that the Organiser, or any of their Representatives, gave any guarantees or assurances concerning the Fair.

8. The Exhibitor further acknowledges that this document constitutes the entire terms regulating cooperation between parties.

VII. Final provisions

1. Any disputes between parties arising under this agreement shall be subject to the common court having jurisdiction over the Organiser's registered headquarters.


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